Stoked that he shared my art on his Strange Music Facebook page! So here’s another one!

TSHIRT- available here.

Hey gang!
I hope you guys saw Guardians of the Universe, because it’s awesome! 
Here’s picture of Groot I just made. I will do the rest of the crew, so keep an eye out! Thanks!

Hey everyone, here it is finally- BIG L TEE! 
Now available here!

Hey guys! Here’s a quick piece I did just now for a contest. Didn’t realise it, until now. Deadline is apparently in a couple of hours. 
If you guys have minute, please vote for and leave comments :)
Thanks in advance!
Here is the link: THIS.

Hey guys! It’s been a while, huh? Thanks for those who’ve been waiting patiently for the tshirt update. Guess what? They’re now available. I will be adding more, so keep an eye out!
If you want to grab one, follow this LINK! 
hermosa-storm said: Do you make shirts? Or ever think about making some?

I’ll try and organise this :)


shennpai said: Amazing, superb, extraordinary, inspirational.. Need a dude say more about your artwork?! If hiphop has musical beats with lyrics on top of it, your art is that calibre of a rapper writing his writtens — you can feel the soul in it. You are one exceptional artist, my dude. Keep up the work! Stay up. Yours Truly, some guy.

Thanks, man. I really appreciate the kind words! :)

thedylangant said: Yo brotha I just wanted to say as an aspiring artist/hip-hop fan that your work is inspiring and keep up the good work.

Thanks, bro. When you ready to have your CD out one day, maybe we can collaborate on your album cover. 

Hey all, those who’s been asking for prints. Thanks.
jrastiksociety said: I've seen some of your pics reblogged a few times and never put together it's the same artist. How am I just finding your blog? Either way, your blog just made my day. Thanks man and keep it up.

Thank you for the kind words. I really appreciate it! :)