Working on my new comic.
Should be available in June. More info here

I’d just like to thank everyone who’s supported me and my art. Thanks for the reblog, like, comments and stuff…keep ‘em coming, guys!

Anonymous said: Could you do one of A Tribe Called Quest? I love your artwork!!

Thanks! Will def try :)


Hey guys, I’ve been getting requests for my Hip Hop art to make available as prints as well as requests of hip hop artists you’d like me to draw ( Tribe Called Quest, Big Pun, Bishop Nehru to name a few). Here’s a question- would you guys be interested in getting them if I have them available as prints?

REAL Hip Hop series #8- More MF DOOM!
The other DOOM piece I did is here
Who do you want to see next?
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omegablu said: Could you do a piece like the Wu Massacre cover

Sounds good! I’ll have Doom and a few other dope rappers. Any suggestions?

My latest REAL Hip Hop series. This has to be done. Two legends. Hope you guys like it. Might print this out!
Keep an eye out for my next hip hop artist/s. 
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Working on it…
comicsncoolshit said: I am totally digging your shit brotha.. You've definitely made a new fan today keep up the good shit.

Thanks, bro! I’ll be posting more art soon!