REAL HIP HOP SERIES- #18 DMX. One of the realest ever.
Once I hit #20, I will make them available as prints to purchase! Thanks again, guys!

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REAL HIP HOP 17- # WU TANG CLAN. Do I have to even explain why they have to be in the series? RIP ODB. 
Prints will be available soon. I will post details on how you can grab this and all of the art I’ve done so far in for the series. So keep an eye out :3
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Working on a big piece of a group that you really, don’t wanna fuck wit’. 
I’ll be working on Aaliyah print too. Thanks for all the love, guys!

REAL HIP HOP SERIES- #16 JOEY BADA$$. Dope, dope, dope! Prints are coming soon! Thanks for all the love people!

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hiphophorray said: Yoo I'm loving your work man.. How can I get some copies?

Thanks, bro! I will post all the details for prints sometime in the coming weeks! Keep an eye out for it. Thanks again!

Angelica, a one woman army. A badass chick from my comic. 
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heshtrap said: Do dj screw!

Putting him on the list.

yonkerstc said: Hey man. First of all really cool blog. Those illustrations are so fucking sick! I don´t know if you done Ol´Dirty Bastard or GZA but if you haven´t and if you could one of those for me man it would be so awsome. Keep up the good work. Peace!

Thanks, bro! I’ve done ODB and WU TANG piece (scroll down my blog), but I might do another one with colour. Keep an eye out for it!

THE WIRE- Omar. Did a quick animation gif thingy for it.

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legalizecrackforjesus said: Beautiful work my man

Thanks, bro!